Companion carer-Nights

*Denise and *Peter contacted Private Home Care for support and companionship for Peter's mum *Dorothy, on the occasions when they were away.* Sue, the carer we provided, visited the home at night. She and Dorothy enjoyed a nice cup of tea before our carer helped Dorothy get ready for bed. During the night Sue would check on Dorothy to make sure she was getting a good nights’ sleep, and if needed, help her to the bathroom. In the morning, Sue helped Dorothy get washed and dressed for the day. They both sat down and had some breakfast together before Sue left. Denise and Peter sent us a lovely letter to say "Special thanks to you for finding us Sue, who became a personal friend and cheered my mother up so nicely and was such a kind companion to her. We always felt happy to leave her in charge, and we always felt on our return that *Dorothy was the better for her visits".

*This is a genuine testimonial from a past client and the names have been changed to protect client privacy.


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Since Sylvia started helping in the mornings, she has improved the quality of all our lives and I am assured they (my parents) are well cared for each day. More than this, they are also becoming very fond of Sylvia.