Dementia and Alzheimers Care

Caring for People with Dementia

We have thirty years experience of supporting people living with all forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s, from early to late stages. Dealing with memory lapse and loss can be bewildering and confusing.

Dementia can be progressive and each person's journey will be different. For this reason, please see "How We Work" in our Care Planning section. This details the steps in engaging carer(s) to support you, from assessment needs, to your tailored care plan, daily and weekly planning of your care, regular monitoring as well as multi-disciplinary team (MTD) meetings between ourselves and the relevant representatives from the medical community.

Dementia and Loneliness" study was published by the Alzheimer Society of Ireland (28.01.19) and confirmed that "access to home care support and public nurses enabled families to manage living life with dementia." Our role is to help people with dementia stay in their own home with its familiar surroundings for as long as possible, and to support their family in facilitating this.

There is an estimated 55,000 people with dementia in Ireland and for every one person with dementia three others are directly affected and most people with dementia live at home (63%). Source : Wordwide, 47 million people live with dementia (source Irish Times 28.01.19).

Let us help you. Consider professional and trained home carers for as little or as long as you like. 


Dementia Care at Home

We have our own inhouse training department with a wide range of QQI courses in caring and a certified Training Manager so you can rest assured that our carers are very well trained and highly experienced. Our carers know the sensitivities of assisting some-one with dementia.

They know :

  • Communication is particularly important,introduce yourself on arrival
  • Don’t rush in
  • be thoughtful about choice of words used
  • be gentle and always respectful
  • offer assistance with caring, rather than taking over so the person with dementia does not wonder why some-one is taking over in their own home
  • the importance of keeping the mind active
  • engage people with questions and conversation about their social interests
  • don’t argue, always agree. Avoid aggression
  • prompt and offer rather than doing. Don’t make the person feel inadequate
  • distract through chatting so the person might not realise they are being supervised

Dementia Carer Responsibilities

Whether you need full time, part time care or family respite for people with dementia, we can help.

In addition to the sensitive care required at this time, carers prioritise these three areas during their visit, to ensure comfort and well-being:

  • Personal Care : being clean and comfortable which may include assistance with toileting or incontinence
  • Food and Fluid Intake : check food is available, shopping lists are updated, meal preparation and assistance with eating
  • Medication Prompts: note ; carers can only prompt medication reminders

Enquire Now

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any for a confidential, no obligation chat. We are happy to help you. Anne Marks, Client Manager, has worked with us for 30 years so is extremely experienced in all home care situations. Our Nurse Manager has a Masters in Mental Health Nursing, and our Community Co-Ordinator has 30 years experience of supporting older people. See Meet the Team to learn more about our expertise for your peace of mind.

Planning Care

We have thirty years in planning home care for people of all abilities, including dementia. We welcome your enquiry and are happy to just advise you. Do not hestitate to contact us.  We can help.

Thank-you for the help you gave me when I needed it. It was good to know that you all do such good work to make things easier at a very hard time for families