Palliative Care

What is Palliative Care?

This is the term given to holistic (whole person) approach to care for anyone who has life-limiting conditions and who are living at home. Palliative care aims to improve quality of life.

How Do We Support Palliative Care ?

Most people prefer to stay at home and live independently for as long as possible, with care support. We support you and the professional medical and nursing teams. We can be there for as many hours as you wish.

Palliative care can apply across a wide spectrum of health issues.

Palliative Care At Home

Our carers support your family and the multi-disciplinary team in your home.

They are sensitive to this stage of an illness or condition, and to your feelings and those of your family members and friends. Liaising and communicating with family members is an important part of a carer’s role at this time.

We provide 24/7 cover for your peace of mind. Read more about our 24/7 care.

Palliative carers offer:

  • Comfort
    Some people requiring palliative care may be bedridden and so comfort is of the utmost importance. Carers will be trained to reposition you in your bed to alleviate any areas of discomfort.
  • Alertness to Symptoms of Pain
    Whilst carers are not allowed to prescribe or give medicine or pain relief under any circumstances, they are trained to recognise verbal and non-verbal symptoms of pain. In this situation, they will notify family and health care professionals.
  • Reassurance
    In our experience, many people get great comfort from simply knowing some-one is there, with them at all times. Carers are trained to be calm at all times and to provide reassurance. This can bring great relief into your home at this time.
    The presence of a carer also allows family members to take a backseat or a break, which can be a huge benefit for them. Read more about respite care here.

Carer Responsibilities

In addition to specific palliative care needs, a carer’s normal priorities are to ensure you are are safe and comfortable at home include:

  • Personal Care : being clean and comfortable which may include assistance with toileting and incontinence
  • Food and Fluid Intake : check food is available, shopping lists are updated, meal preparation and assistance with eating
  • Medication Prompts

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Planning Care

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Since Sylvia started helping in the mornings, she has improved the quality of all our lives and I am assured they (my parents) are well cared for each day. More than this, they are also becoming very fond of Sylvia.