Private HomeCare Training Programs

With 30 years experience in Home Care making us Ireland's longest established home care provider, it was a logical step for us for to open our own home health care training department in 2016.  We offer a full range of QQI accredited courses for care professionals and we also offer public short courses to family carers.

Training Manager

Anna Lloyd, Training Manager, had a decade of experience in the home care industry before qualifying as a certified trainer. Learners benefit from practical tips from Anna's work experience as well as the theory you need to know when assisting people to live independently at home. Her training style is practical, interactive and supportive. You will learn lots of new skills and knowledge.
See Anna's background and qualifications here.

Why is Training Important ?

The nature of training means we are going into people's homes, into their private space. Often our clients can be vulnerable, due to ageing or a variety of ailments. So it is essential that carers are trained to ensure they carry out their responsibilities correctly and safely, with empathy and respect.

Our ethos is that "we care for others as we would like to be cared for ourselves". To truly deliver on this, we operate to the highest standards. As we are a HSE approved supplier, we must also meet - and prove that we meet - their rigourous standards also.

For all of these reasons, carers must meet a minimum criteria of qualifications to be offered work as a carer.

Training FAQs

1. I would love to work as a carer, but I have no qualifications.

We can help. Please contact our friendly recruitment department. If you pass our interview and Garda vetting, you are welcome to attend relevant training course(s). Once enrolled on our training courses, we can start to match you with relevant clients in your area.

2. I haven't been in a classroom for a very longtime !

Don't worry. Home care is a wonderful profession for people of all ages and backgrounds as you can start it early or late in your life, and you can work a few or a lot of hours. So every class always has a wide range of learners, many of whom have not been in a classroom for decades. We are mindful of this. Our training style is friendly and supportive. 

3. I don't have a lot of spare time for courses.

That's ok. Our courses run frequently throughout the year. Choose the dates that work for you and learn at your own pace.

4. What do I get for attending a training course ?

Learners receive a QQI Certification upon successful completion of a course. All of our QQI courses are certified by The CPL Institute, part of our parent company.
Learners on non-QQI courses receive a Private HomeCare certificate.  Learners who have completed and passed any QQI module are invited to our formal annual graduation ceremony, which takes place this year on Thursday March 28th at Finnstown House.

5. Are courses free ?

Our 2 day Induction To Caring Course for all our carers is free to attend. Other courses incur a fee. Please check each course for fees. All materials are included in this fee. 

Why Choose Private HomeCare for Training?

  • We are the most experienced home care provider in Ireland,
  • We employ our own fulltime Trainer who trains learners to our high standards,
  • Our Trainer has also worked in the care industry for a decade,
  • We are a CPL company so you benefit the QQI certification from The CPL Institute,
  • Our teaching style is friendly and supportive,
  • We offer a wide range of courses so you can learn as little or as much as you want,
  • Our carer paygrades are tied to levels of training and experience so you can progress in a clear and structured way through your training career.


Please contact our Training Department who are very happy to answer your queries.

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