Private HomeCare Reviews & Testimonials

As a final year occupational therapy student, working in Private Homecare provides me with the opportunity to support clients to maintain their independence at home.
Having previously had a negative personal experience with carers, Private HomeCare was recommended to me by a client who had only positive things to say about the company.
In line with my future profession, it's invaluable to begin working with a company who share my personal and professional ethos for providing care and support.

Hazel Doyle, Occupational Therapist final year student and Private HomeCare carer

 I’ve been working for Private HomeCare for 6 months and I couldn’t recommend the company enough. They’re great to both their clients and carers. They always make sure both are happy. The courses they provide are fantastic and I always look forward to them. I’m absolutely loving working for Private HomeCare.

Teresa Enright, Joined our care team in February 2018

 I've worked for Private HomeCare for over 1 year now, To say this is the best company I've ever worked for in an understatement.
Private HomeCare look after both their clients and staff with a very high standard going above and beyond to help staff with anything they can. I’m looking forward to completing my full major award with Private HomeCare and working with this company for many many years to come.

Nikki Murphy, Joined our care team in September 2017.

I have worked for Private HomeCare as a Care Support Worker for over a year now and I really love it.
This Company is very Professional and the staff are very nice.
They really look after their Carers and Clients in a First Class Basis.
The Management, Training Staff, Nurses, and Client Administrators are always there at the other end of the phone if you ever need help.
I am looking forward to completing my Major Award with the company.
I would hugely recommend Private Home Care to work in.

Clare A Heeney, Joined our care team in October 2017.

Since Sylvia started helping in the mornings, she has improved the quality of all our lives and I am assured they (my parents) are well cared for each day. More than this, they are also becoming very fond of Sylvia.

I want to thank you and all the wonderful carers for your kindness, care and attention to my darling mother over the past 7 years. The service of your agency made it possible for mum to live at home, retaining her independence in spite of medical and physical disability. Over the years we got to know many marvelous dedicated women, whose praise, we as a family, cannot sing highly enough. Their warmth, patience, empathy and ability to meet the challenges of home care were exceptional and for us a very rewarding experience.

Many thanks for providing such pleasant and efficient carers. They were a pleasure to have in the house and we should be very happy to see them again if it should prove necessary. Fortunately my husband as made great progress. Thank you for coming to our aid at such short notice and for sending such super people.

Special thanks to you for finding us Sue, who became a personal friend and cheered my mother up so nicely and was such a kind companion to her. We always felt happy to leave her in charge, and we always felt on our return that *Dorothy was the better for her visits.

Thank you for the sympathetic hearing you gave me when I approached you first, and thanks also to everyone at Private HomeCare for the professional and supportive way they interacted at all times. The carers were most kind and helpful, and there is no way we could have managed without their careful and sensitive handling of the situation.

Thank-you for the help you gave me when I needed it. It was good to know that you all do such good work to make things easier at a very hard time for families