Sometimes all you may need is our practical home care services; this includes companionship and practical care. Some typical examples of what can lead to these situations may include:

  • Couples who would like assistance keeping on top of household chores
  • Assistance for people who are physically disabled
  • Live-In care for people who have constant care needs
  • Respite for a family carer

The type of companionship and practical care needs that we can provide to you or your relative is:

  • General care, assistance in the morning getting showered and dressed
  • Preparing and serving meals through-out the day
  • Laundry-washing, hanging out clothes, ironing and putting clothes away
  • Tidy up the kitchen, doing the dishes, making the beds, hovering and dusting
  • Food shopping and putting shopping away
  • Accompaniment to appointments e.g. hairdresser, doctor
  • General companionship
  • Medication prompt


If you feel your requirements don't fall into either of these lists please feel free to contact us to discuss a care package more suited to your needs.

Special thanks to you for finding us Sue, who became a personal friend and cheered my mother up so nicely and was such a kind companion to her. We always felt happy to leave her in charge, and we always felt on our return that *Dorothy was the better for her visits.