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Treating and Managing MS

Managing the symptoms and affects of MS can often be achieved using a variety of medical and non-medical interventions. In addition, a healthy lifestyle including a […]


Diagnosing MS

Multiple Sclerosis can be difficult to diagnose as there is no one test; neurologists usually have to eliminate other conditions and diseases first. Also, symptoms of […]


Symptoms of MS

The presence, severity and duration of all symptoms of MS vary considerably from person to person. The unpredictable nature of the condition can sometimes make it […]


Don’t turn a blind eye to the dangers in your home

The dangers of looped cords on window blinds or curtains are often overlooked when parents are childproofing their home, the National Consumer Agency has warned. It […]


Wii games could help children overcome disabilities

USING the Nintendo Wii Fit could help improve the development of children with movement difficulties, research suggests. Regular use of balance games on the computer console […]


How do you know if you should keep your child off school?

Children are bound to come down with the occasional cold or other viral illness, especially when cold weather keeps a whole class cooped up inside all […]


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