Care of the Older Person

Many people at home avail of care options for a variety of reasons.

Perhaps your family members work fulltime and cannot visit you during certain times. Perhaps they have emigrated and live abroad ?

You may have been widowed. Or your social circle may have shrunk.

Perhaps your mobility has changed and you need assistance with walking or light household duties.

You want to live in your own home. You don’t want or don’t need a nursing home.

Perhaps the older person in your family has dementia or alzheimers, mobility challenges, a disability or is in need of palliative care, or 24/7 care.

Whatever the reason, we are here to help.

Caring for Older People at Home

Caring for older people in their own home can take any shape or form of your choosing. Choose care visits as and when you want. Perhaps you want part-time visits regularly ? If circumstances call for it, home care might also take the form of sit-up nights or live in care.

Consider assistance from a carer for companionship for walks or shopping, Carers can help with light housework and meal preparation.

Choose what care assistance you would like, and when you like it. If your needs change, you can change your care plan. There is no commitment and no lock-in contract.

Carer Responsibilities

Carer’s first priorities to ensure older people are safe and comfortable at home are:

  • Personal Care : being clean and comfortable which may include assistance with toileting and incontinence
  • Food and Fluid Intake : check food is available, shopping lists are updated, meal preparation and assistance with eating
  • Medication Prompts : carers can only prompt for medication reminders. 

After these priority areas are checked, and time permitting, carers will clean and tidy your personal space, usually the bedroom and kitchen. (Note this duty only extends to your needs not those of other family members or other residents in the house).

Carers are also trained in communications skills. They are mindful that some of their clients may not have much social contact - and perhaps none at all since their last visit - and so will chat and provide companionship. 

Read more about our home care services.

Enquire Now

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a confidential, no obligation chat. We are happy to advise you.

Planning Care

We have thirty years in planning home care. We welcome your enquiry. From an informal chat, to a nurse visit to a tailored care plan just for you, read more about “How We Work” for your peace of mind.


I want to thank you and all the wonderful carers for your kindness, care and attention to my darling mother over the past 7 years. The service of your agency made it possible for mum to live at home, retaining her independence in spite of medical and physical disability. Over the years we got to know many marvelous dedicated women, whose praise, we as a family, cannot sing highly enough. Their warmth, patience, empathy and ability to meet the challenges of home care were exceptional and for us a very rewarding experience.