Respite and 24/7 Care at Home

Respite Care At Home

Respite care can be very valuable in many situations. Consider booking a carer to assist you and your family, only at the times or occasions when needed.

  • Family Support
    Many people care for their own family members. Whilst these people may not be trained carers, this can work very well. Family carers can suffer from burnout. Or they might value a few hours break each week to rest and recharge.

  • Book a carer for a one-off respite break or a regular visit each week.
    Book a carer as and when you want it. There is no pressure and no commitment. Suit yourself.
  • When you come out of hospital
    It is most likely you will not be at full strength or mobility upon immediate discharge from hospital. Consider respite care until you fully recover.
  • Getting back to everyday living
    Perhaps you have been unwell, or more tired than usual. Consider respite care until you get back on your feet and can manage your daily life as normal.
  • Companionship
    If your usual supports are on holiday or are temporarily unavailable for any reason, our carers can help you with shopping, walking, appointments, light housekeeping, meal preparation and lots more!

24/7 Care at Home

The importance of staying in your own familiar surroundings in the comfort of your own home cannot be underestimated.

24/7, night care, live in care or long care visits are a great option for those who do not want to go into a nursing home, for those who want to live a private life, and for those whose family members might not be available to care.

If you need somebody to assist you with walking, shopping or attending appointments at the hairdresser perhaps, long care visits are very convenient. Get all your tasks done in one day.

Long visits are also perfect for those who live alone, are widowed and whose family may not even in the the country. Loneliness is a significant factor in society. Carers and clients can form great bonds and this relationship can be very comforting as well as helpful to our clients.

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Planning Care

We have thirty years in planning home care. We welcome your enquiry. From an informal chat, to a nurse visit to a tailored care plan just for you, read more about “How We Work” to learn more.

Since Sylvia started helping in the mornings, she has improved the quality of all our lives and I am assured they (my parents) are well cared for each day. More than this, they are also becoming very fond of Sylvia.