Tracheotomy and specialised care

** Ruth and Michael are the proud parents of a three year old baby girl called Mary. Mary was born premature and so had multiple related issues. Mary spent time in hospital and as a result of severe tracheo-bronchomalacia, had to have a tracheotomy performed at six months of age.

The care staff selected had childcare and care experience. They also underwent training in the hospital where Mary was an inpatient. Private Home Care worked with the multi-disciplinary team of health professionals, parents and family members to plan Mary’s journey home from hospital.

Avril Murphy, Private Home Care Nurse Manager, links with all teams to ensure that the transition home is met at all times with clinical guidance.

A lot of time was spent managing the expectations of all the teams to ensure Mary was safely cared for with our care team supporting the parents. We ensure the families have a planned and phased discharge home. Mary is now home for two years with her parents. She now only requires airway management with her Nippy ventilator at night. Mary is walking, tasting foods and learning sign language. She remains with the same home care team, who now feel like part of the family.

*This is a genuine testimonial from a past client and the names have been changed to protect client privacy.


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Thank-you for the help you gave me when I needed it. It was good to know that you all do such good work to make things easier at a very hard time for families